Hey guys, sorry I’ve been MIA – between show season being in full swing and getting hurt from a bad toss off a training horse, I’ve neglected the blog and my readers 😔

I just wanted to share an awesome moment with my lesson students yesterday –

So I wound up running late to our trail riding lesson because my other job mandated us for the day – I managed to get done a little early after some extensive communication with my students, and being the champs that they are, we still agreed upon keeping our lesson, just a couple hours later than planned.

So as I’m hussling and bussling my butt home to grab the pickup and trailer, my lovelies text me this picture:

They’d managed to load the ponies with no issues, and were at the site waiting for me – their two lesson horses, as well as the training horse I was going to work with.

Needless to say, I am SO thankful for the patience and communication abilities of my clients – you guys are the best, and you handle everything I throw at you with ease.

Long story short, we had an awesome ride on the trails yesterday, and Ghost was even nice enough NOT to throw me into the thickets again – so we allowed a nice gallop through the woods before heading back to the trailer. Here’s a quick video –

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer – stay tuned for some exciting news and more articles for your reading pleasure!

Until then – enjoy your horses, and enjoy the ride!

-KC, Advanced Equine

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